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We are based in Russia and offer ATM skimmers and credit card readers, writers, painting machines, POS terminals, data receivers and many more.

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How it works

An ATM skimmer is a device placed over the original card slot to capture  card information from the magnetic strip, with this info you can then use a card writer (msr) to write on blank cards withdraw or purchase .ATM skimmers come in different shapes and sizes depending on targeted ATM, to record the card info you have the regular skimmers that save information on a memory card that you later have to retrieve to harvest information to the highly sophisticated gsm skimmers which are regarded the best and safest skimmer to be in use today.

Normal skimmers

Basic skimmers that capture card info and store in memory after you collect the skimmer then you use a software program to download the data to laptop or computer .

Highly unpopular as you have to return to harvest information, which can be risky at times.

Bluetooth skimmers

These collect card info and transmit the info by using a bluetooth signal transmitted to a nearby laptop where you will receive card info which is later written into cards .This not very safe as you need to be in range with the bluetooth signal usually around 100 to 300 meters .
GSM skimmers
This is the latest design, highly safe to use you can install skimmer in UK and you be in singapore receiving the info ,gsm skimmers use gsm network where you pre program a phone number in the skimmer and when it captures data it will automatic send out the data by sms using gsm network to the phone number you programmed.
How do i get the pin number ?
You install a camera on top of the pin pad to record the pin when someone uses the atm the camera is activated and the video is either saved or transmitted via bluetooth or GSM Signal to laptop or mobile phone.
Pincapturing device disguised as Atm Pinpad. You place the modified pin pad over the original it will then capture the pin number when someone use the atm and also like the skimmers it comes in different types too normal whereby it store pin numbers in memory or transmits pins via bluetooth or GSM signal

For example you install an atm skimmer and you manage to collect 100 credit cards info with pins and example each cards you are able to withdraw $500 from each cards so thats 100 x 500 = $ 50,000 and all this in 1 week works and you cankeep ondoing this from country to country .

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